Train your dog with the help of truly experienced obedience instructors and see real results. Assessments are free of charge at the training center – so come on by.

Crown K9 Services has worked with all types of dogs from the top bomb & drug dogs in Canada to the  puppy next door. This makes us able to tailor lessons to each dogs’ specific needs. We also offer  specialized private classes for dogs with behaviour problems or special needs.

Rule #1 – Advice is always free. Whether it’s a simple dog problem, or something more complex, give us a call – we don’t charge for phone calls. Our goal is to keep dogs out of shelters and we will always help where we can. We only charge for actual lessons.|

Rule #2 – Any student of Crown K9 Services represents and reflects the service we provide and will never be ignored. All dogs trained by Crown K9 Services will have lifelong access to their trainer. Need advice on the right food, grooming, how to deal with a second puppy, new fears/aggressions or just want to say hello – we are always here.

  • Group lessons –

  • $325
  • Includes 6 lessons (1 per week for 6 weeks) & class size is limited to 5 dogs. Classes are taught with two instructors to ensure the best education for you and your dog. We offer the highest ratio of students to trainers in the area.

    *Assessment required for dogs over 6 months old or over 50 lbs

  • In-Home classes –
  • $145
  • Includes a 1 hour lesson or $545 for 4 lessons (1 per week for 4 weeks). These lessons are conducted in your home.

    **Assessment required

  • Private classes –
  • $130
  • Includes a 1 hour lesson or $485 for 4 lessons (1 per week for 4 weeks). These lessons are conducted the Crown K9 Services Training and Rehabilitation Center.

    *Assessment required

    *Assessments done in store at no charge. Please call Patrick at (905) 719-7445 for availability.

Types of Classes:
Level 1
This class covers everything necessary to develop a strong and healthy bond between you and your dog. By developing proper communication skills you will be able to maintain control over your dog in any situation based on its trust in your leadership. This level teaches prevention of behaviour issues as well as how to correct any pre-existing issues. All basic obedience commands and their everyday application
are taught. These include:

  • Name recognition
  • Taking treats gently
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait at doors
  • Proper walking skills
  • Leave it/take it
  • Drop it
  • Come when called
  • Stay

Further to these commands, this course includes housebreaking tips, basic health check, crate training advice, jumping, nutrition, grooming and more. Classes are always tailored to the needs of the owners and dogs.

Level 2
This class is for graduates of Level 1 who would like to further their dog’s skills. Many of the commands from Level 1 are given new applications as well as a number of new commands being taught:

  • Sit stay when the leash is dropped
  • At side
  • Settle after play
  • Go lay down
  • Touch training
  • Extended stay under distraction
  • Come with distraction
  • Stand

Many other subjects are covered such as backpack training, combining commands, behaviour maintenance, nutrition, proofing commands, and more.

Contact us for more information on pricing in your area. When emailing please include your phone number, dogs’ breed, age and any issues you may be having.