Meet the Team!

Crown K9 Services was founded in 2007 by Patrick Phillips. With his career focus on dogs he became aware that dogs were being surrendered to shelters needlessly so he began to design a training course to help dogs avoid the kind of issues that get them surrendered to shelters in the first place. His focus was training recently rescued animals to adjust to their new lives and training new pups and their new families to establish stable homes and strong, healthy relationships. Through teaching a mutual understanding about the importance of responsible leadership on the part of the owner and reliable obedience for the dog the course became immediately successful and paved the path for a quickly growing company.

Crown K9 Services expanded in 2008 when Patrick was joined by Lynn Edens, a dog groomer and animal care specialist. She instantly became invaluable to the company further enhancing the offerings of Crown K9 Services. With her natural ability to groom even the most difficult dogs and with her veterinary background, she made important additions to the training course. After a three year apprenticeship Lynn now assists with all group classes and does private training with several clients. Her first client was an aggressive pot-bellied pig named Hamlet who graduated Level 1 and has reported no aggression since. The Training and Rehabilitation Center in Stoney Creek opened in spring 2011 offering group classes in a comfortable environment for all dogs.

Since the focus of the company has always been a healthy and well balanced dog, the addition of the K9 Café raw pet food store was a natural direction for the company. Opening in November 2013, K9 Café is a place to go with your pet for great food, meeting new friends and an endless supply of advice to make your pet the best they can be!