Eden Pet GroomingGrooming is an essential part of every dog’s life. Early exposure to bathing, brushing and especially nail trimming can create a positive mindset for the rest of their lives. From nail care to de-shedding treatments we ensure your dog gets the individual service he or she requires. We offer reasonable rates in a clean, professional and kennel-free environment and use only top quality products ensuring you get the best for your pet.

Lynn Edens is a skilled pet stylists who continually provides a positive experience making grooming an enhancement to each pet’s life.  She provides one-on-one care with no “assembly line” to ensure your pet has a positive and stress-free visit each time.

Since each pet has their own special needs, each should be bathed differently. We use only the best products and you can see, smell and feel the difference. If your pet needs an oatmeal bath due to skin sensitivity or a brightening shampoo to fade staining of the coat, we provide the right products at no extra charge. Grooming includes nail filing on every pet to promote healthy nails as well as ear cleaning to ensure your pet’s ears stay bacteria free.

Appointments can be pre-booked well in advance or just give us a call and we will be happy to find a more immediate appointment time that fits your busy schedule.

Pricing varies by coat condition and type of groom. Extra charges will apply for severe matting or behavioural rehabilitation.  All pricing subject to HST.

All Packages include salon quality shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaning/plucking, nail trim and file.  Bows and cologne can be added free of charge upon request.

  • Puppy Care
    *(for pups up to 6 months of age)
  • $20-40
    Includes nails, ear cleaning, bath and dry
    Tidy trim (sanitary, paws and face) for longer coat breeds
  • Medium breeds $50-65
  • Large Breeds $60 and up
  • De-shedding Bath
    & Tidy up grooms
  • Small breeds $40-55

  • Medium breeds $50-65
  • Large Breeds $60 and up
  • Hair styling
    *Cat costs vary. Contact us.
  • Small breeds $55-70

  • Medium breeds $65-85
  • Large breeds $85 and up

    *extra charges apply for heavy matting

Additional Services

  • Nail trim $11 : Includes grinding and ear cleaning
  • Pawdicure $16  : Includes nail trim, grind, ear cleaning, pad shave and paw trim
  • Face trim $8
  • Brush out : $1 per minute. Includes waterless de-shedding spray
  • Tooth brushing $12
  • Nail polish application $16 : Includes trim, grind ($8 with full grooming)
  • Bath’n’Go (warm weather only) : Includes bath, towel dry and ear cleaning
    • Small dogs $15
    • Large dogs $23