Welcome to Crown K9 Services’ K9 Cafe!

More and more owners are becoming aware of the inconsistencies in the pet food industry and are educating themselves on species appropriate diets…that’s where we come in. At Crown K9/K9 Cafe we are dedicated to helping owners better their pets. There are many benefits to a raw food diet that include:

  • Overall healthier skin and coat. A dogs’ health is reflected on their outer body. Problems like dry or greasy skin, shedding and/or dull coat are all tell-tale signs that your dog’s food is not working for them. A species appropriate diet of meat, bone and organs is easier on their digestive system and the results speak for themselves!
  • Smaller stool. On a raw diet, stools will be small and low odour. Waste is minimal as they are not consuming unnecessary ingredients.
  • Clean teeth, fresher breath.  Unhealthy teeth can cause stomach upset and hinder internal organs with the help of meaty bones your dog’s teeth will be cleaner and healthier than ever before. Also raw meat does not accumulate on teeth like kibble causing plaque build-up…enjoy giving your dog a smooch again!
  • Happy and healthy body and mind. Eating a species appropriate diet will increase your dog’s energy but not their excitement. Without all the processing and chemicals in commercial dog food your dog will have a balanced body and mind.

We provide complete diets for busy schedules and will help make the transition to raw easy and effective so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We want you to keep your dog on the fast track to health so you can enjoy them for many years to come. We are always here to answer questions and offer advice.

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