“We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved Bichon, Abigail, however I would like to take this time to express our gratitude to Lynn at Eden Pet Grooming.

I’m sure many Bichon owners will agree, you can try many different groomers before you find, if you’re lucky,  one who understands the proper technique for the bichon cut. We found that groomer, in Lynn!   

She is a kind and caring professional who obviously loves what she does, and this definitely reflects in the quality of her work.

Abby always came home happy and stylin’! … Looking the perfect little bichon diva that she was. *grin*

Lynn offers quality, individual service, in a clean and friendly environment, and we would not hesitate for a moment, to recommend Eden pet grooming for the best grooming experience in the city.

A heartfelt thank you Lynn for your kind and caring services over the past few years.”


Ralph and Patricia Tondreau 

Ralph and Patricia Tondreau

My husband and I attended your group lessons in the summer – I was the smaller girl with the huge American bulldog (Zeke). I just wanted to let you know Zeke has been doing amazing! We had our niece (2yrs old) and nephew (4yrs) over and we did not need to keep Zeke on his leash, he was so well behaved and played so well with the kids. It was amazing watching Zeke follow commands given by my nephew (who is the same height as him!). I wish we had done this training 3yrs ago, I have learned so much and have the confidence in my ability to control my dog, which was a necessity since he weighs more than me! Zeke has such a sweet and friendly personality, and now with the training he is that wonderful dog 100% of the time! We do plan on taking the second set of classes, hopefully in the near future.

Until then, all the best…


Krystle Mclean

Thanks so much for all you have done for us. We have learned so much and you have helped us build our skills to have a happy and loving relationship with our parents. We will miss you!


Love Cody & Onyx

Thanks again for all your help. We love having a dog and you made our lives so much easier.


Jenell and Jeremy

We would highly recommend Crown K9 Services to anyone who is interested in having a well mannered, well adjusted dog.

We chose Crown K9 over many other reputable companies because, from the moment we had our first meeting with Patrick we were convinced that he shared our philosophies about how we wanted our dog to behave, and what methods we were willing to use to ensure success.

Although Patrick specializes in large breed dogs, his understanding of canine behavior made his techniques easily transferable to our tiny shipoo, and the results were amazing! Patrick utilized positive reinforcement, and gentle persuasion principles to encourage Gracie to respect us as her owners, while still allowing her to maintain her sense of self as a dog.

We recognize that a great deal of our success was because Patrick was able to train us, as the owners, to better understand our puppy, and help her to be a loving and devoted animal who is a joy to have as a member of our family.

We are also very impressed with Patrick’s willingness to continue to assist us as Gracie grows and matures. He is completely genuine when he says.” I am always here for you. It is your dog’s good behavior that keeps my company growing.


Jen & Rhonda

Your in-home classes worked perfectly with our busy family schedule. Both of us were able to take advantage of the training tips and hear your great advice.


Rhonda and Corey Dravinskis

Dugg benefitted so much from Crown K 9 services, we are happy to say he is an excellent member of our family. Thank you Patrick for helping us prevent some of the usual temperament pitfalls with smaller dogs, he is such a joy to have around.


Debra Sllas

Zeus is our first puppy; from the day we picked him up we were told “He’s going to be a big boy”. He’s now 10 months old and over 100 pounds! Right away we knew we needed help on the proper ways to train him. If he’s going to be as big as they say we need to be able to control him properly. Patrick instantly connected with us and Zeus. He’s taught us the correct ways and methods to raise and control a big dog.

Since we’ve finished the courses we’ve had dozens of questions, each time we email Patrick he’s responded the same day with tips and solutions. I’ve recommended Patrick to many friends and family and they’ve all been impressed by how well put together his courses are.

We plan to get another dog in a couple of years and we know without a doubt Patrick will be there once again to help us.


Warren and Kelly

I wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job with the classes.. I’m still not quite sure what we are going to do without those classes. Phoenix is going to go into withdrawal, I’m sure of it!

Shereen & Nix

Thank you for all your hard work training my family! I think they are starting to get it.


Luv Sadie

We were both new dog owners and after completing the training with Crown K9 Services we feel much better about raising our dog to be perfect companion, we were amazed at how well all of your lessons flowed and all came together to give us a very well behaved puppy.


Stewart and Corina